Digital Tools

Originally posted May 2021

A collection of the digital tools I use on a near daily basis.



My primary product design tool. Features like Auto Layout and Component Variants are must-haves.


My tool of choice for most icon design needs because of things like negative spread shadows and excellent vector editing.


I turn to Blender when I need to create a textured 3D element for an icon or just to roughly model a scene to get things in proper perspective.


VS Code

It's hard to beat the plugin ecosystem and the settings profile syncing to other VS Code instances such as Codespaces.


Preferences → Appearance → Panes → Side Margins and Top and Bottom Margins = 16. I don't know how anyone uses a terminal without this.


I use GitHub for all my development needs. I hear GitHub also has a great mobile app 😉


Blazing fast, incredibly easy to manage — Vercel hosts and deploys everything I have on the web.


Lightweight web analytics without feeling slimy.



My go to note taking / second brain tool. It's native (and web!), blazing fast, and just so well designed. Writing is an underrated design tool and all my writing happens in Craft.


A shining example of attention to detail, Things helps me get things done.


Fantastical is a beautifully designed app with tons of great quality of life features.


I only recently added Raycast to my workflow but I have been blown away by what is possible with it so far. Between integrations and custom scripts, everything I need is suddenly a few keystrokes away.



Long live RSS. Feedbin is the best combo of form + function for an RSS reader out there.


Anything I want to read online first gets sent to Instapaper so it can be read when I have time, in a distraction free environment, with a digital highlighter.


Readwise is a fantastic tool to make the most out of your time spent reading. I review a handful of highlights that I save to it every day, and use the Markdown export to bring those passages into my notes.


I've been using Oku to keep track of what I am reading, what I want to read, and what friends are recommending I read. It's a great web app from an indie team.



I have almost 2000 images, tweets, quotes, photos, websites, etc. saved in here and the best part is that it's easy to find any single item. My go to resources for inspiration.


By far my most used utility app. Cleanshot has an insane amount of great features and just works seamlessly. Not sure how I managed screenshots before it.


I'm somewhat obsessive about keeping my technology neat and tidy. Bartender is a must.


I get nervous when I hear a friend isn't using 1Password. Its autofill extensions make using secure passwords seamless.

Apple Music

Apple Music's focus on albums over tracks and playlists put it above Spotify for me.

Have any tools you think I should try out? Send me a recommendation!