GitHub Achievements

2023 ยท Interaction design

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GitHub Achievements

The incredible Achievement badges themselves are the work of my teammates


GitHub launched Achievements as a way to highlight specific GitHub usage and to encourage open source contribution. After success with Achievements on the web, the Mobile team received feedback from customers who were disappointed that they could not view and share their achievements on GitHub Mobile.


We had the opportunity to ship an immersive Achievements experience on Mobile that took advantage of touch screen gestures and the devices' gyroscope to show our commitment to customer obsession.

Final product

You can view Achievement thumbnails on any GitHub profile and enter a modal view that offers a gesture and gyroscope based viewing experience with the ability to easily share an Achievement to social platforms.

GitHub Achievements on the user profile

Achievement previews on the user profile

The immersive Achievements experience

An early prototype demoing the gyroscope based experience