iOS interaction prototypes

2024 · Interaction design, prototyping

A series of iOS interaction prototypes I created to explore new and fluid ways to interact with the operating system. This project was driven by curiosity and a desire to become more proficient prototyping in SwiftUI.

Time Machine scrolling concept

A Time Machine-like interface to jump around your iMessage conversation history.

iOS Dock Smart Stack concept

An iOS dock drawer that contains relevant widgets similar to the smart stack introduced in watchOS 10.

watchOS × iOS concept

A zoomable, honeycomb grid layout for the iOS home screen similar to watchOS.

Table view transition concept

A transition for table rows in a collapsible bottom sheet that display the leading icon colors while collapsed and fluidly expand with the sheet.

Fluid now playing widget concept

A home screen widget that uses fluid gesture interactions to expand, collapse, and move around the home screen.

Parallax app icons concept

A visual exploration into creating a parallax depth effect behind an icon.

Ambient light color picker concept

2024 · An exploration into using the ambient light sensor and device gyroscope to control the hue, saturation, and brightness values of a color picker.